Scan This Book: Tim O’Reilly

By | 20 de Maio de 2006

O’Reilly Radar > Publisher, be very, very afraid?

The one place where I do think Kevin waxed a little too enthusiastic is in his vision of how books can be linked and annotated in the library of the future. We aren’t there yet. The libraries of scanned books that are being built right now are for the most part read-only. People can link to them, but not from them. People can potentially create active reading lists, but for now, they can’t add to the works themselves. That still remains an exercise for the future, and one of the big opportunities for publishers who make that level of reader involvement with the work possible through a more open implementation, or through frameworks that provide additional layers on top of static texts.

do European FILTER project: aplica-se ao google e ao sonho de digitalização universal

By | 20 de Maio de 2006

“Most of us use Google every day, for both our work and for private reasons. If we need information, we should be able to find it in Google. This is our unconscious starting point. But do you know how Goggle searches and what Google filters? Is that what you want – that information is filtered for you? Which sources, which cultures, which languages are not (or only partially) made available via the most commonly used search engines? Are we really aware of this and how can we best react to this situation?”

Sylvia van de Bunt-Kokhuis, project leader of the European FILTER project
World Wide Work : filtering of online content in a globalized world
(2006) Amsterdam, The Netherlands : VU University Press.
ISBN 90 5383 983 6. 240 blz. € 37,50
info [AT] vu-uitgeverij [dot] nl

A new kind of information specialist for a new kind of learning

By | 20 de Maio de 2006

Uma das apresentações para Seoul cujo texto já está disponível na net:

This paper describes the need for a new kind of information specialist in secondary schools. This person has previously been known as the school librarian but due to new developments in education and in the use of ICT within the school itself, a new title of information specialist is more appropriate. In this paper, this person will be called the school information specialist.

Helen Boelens is the Chief Librarian, Kalsbeek College, Woerden, the Netherlands.

Dá para alguém ir pensando cá em Portugal, please….

Scan this book (10)

By | 18 de Maio de 2006

A partir da parte 4 o artigo torna-se tolerável. com um final muito bom.

Não que eu queira dizer que o que o autor antevê nas primeiras três partes seja mau.

Apenas quero dizer que pode ter consequencias não previstas no artigo. Aliás, até à 4ª parte o artigo parece rechedo daquelas boas intenções que pavimentam o caminho para o inferno.