Para quê bibliotecários na era digital?

By | 30 de Junho de 2007

Borgman, C.L. (2001). Where is the librarian in the digital library? Communications of the
ACM, 44(5), 66-67. Special issue on digital libraries.

Can we or should we do without the librarian in digital libraries? Alternatively, what roles can or should librarians play in digital libraries?


Despite early predictions that disintermediation would prevail in the online world, the opposite is coming to pass.


When users retrieve tens of thousands of matches from digital libraries, many realize that searching and filtering information can be a complex task worth delegating to a professional. Selecting the matches that are most relevant, most current, and of highest quality requires considerable expertise, despite continuing improvements in the search refinement capabilities of digital libraries.

A more subtle concern is that while librarians are playing ever-larger roles in making information resources available, their work is becoming less visible. Librarians […] are the professionals behind the scene who are selecting, collecting, organizing, preserving, and providing access to digital libraries.


Libraries also provide gateway access to many valuable free sites and services on the Internet, investing professional expertise in selecting and maintaining sources appropriate to the organization’s mission.


In sum, digital libraries hold great promise for improving access to information, but they will supplement, not supplant, the information services provided by physical libraries and human librarians.


En conclusão: o digital pode desintermediar a biblioteca mas não desintermedeia a bibliotecária