TEDGlobal2010: Devo estar completamente louco.

By | 17 de Agosto de 2010

Acabo de registar uma proposta de apresentação na pré-conferência na TEDGlobal 2010 (Oxford, Julho)!

Para que fique para a história:

Libraries are though to be a concept in the edge of extinction.

However from the most Southern one in Ushuaia to the top Northern one in Iceland, with BiblioDonkeys , BiblioBoats, even BiblioCamels, the concept of Library has supported mankind not from Nineveh (oldest known remains of city-state archives), or Alexandria (First University?) but since much earlier.

Libraries if faced as to be about paper books, might indeed be a ‘passé’ concept.

But I propose that the first libraries were created, over and over again, whenever a band of hominids decided to keep feeding and defending an elder member for his/her knowledge of water holes an/or greener places.

If that proposition makes sense, then libraries are not about books, or about paper: they are about information! And if they are about information they need to be nurtured, not only for the roles they can play in the electronic age, but still for the role they play in every corner of the world where the problem is not how many computers there are, but how many people know how to read the words on the screen.

Please tell each other about the importance of libraries in your life during the event.

If you are unclear about how important and relevant libraries can be for your, and our, future please come ask me for ideas.

I’m the fat, short, bearded, shy guy.

4-5 minutes, and a small bottle of still water,