Onde se dizem coisas interessantes…

By | 13 de Janeiro de 2008

E entre outras coisas muito interessantes diz-se a grande verdade:

Information has become a much used word in organisational life. It is often used to refer to what is processed and provided by computers and other electronic devices. However there is a large amount of information and knowledge that is neither captured by nor represented in these computer-based information systems.

While it is true that most organizations rely on information technology (IT) to support many of their information processes, there is also a large amount of informationand knowledge that is not captured by or represented in these computer-based information systems.
However, the growth in the use of information technology (IT) has meant that many people confuse information management with the management of information technology.
While this is an important aspect of the information management function, it tells only part of the story. Information management (IM) is broader than this and should be seen as the conscious process by which information is gathered and used to assist in decision making at all levels of an organization.
A final point about the definition is that it makes no reference to computers or information technology. Information management is as much about paper-based systems, or even human voice-based systems, as it is about technology-based systems.

A sequência original não era esta… mas adiante:

Ponto 1: A INCITE é sobre isto

Ponto 2: A minha gestão de carreira pessoal é realizada sobre estas permissas.