UK Academic Researcher Needs

By | 21 de Abril de 2007

“This study was designed to provide an up-to-date and forward-looking view of how researchers interact with academic libraries in the UK. Harnessing empirical data and qualitative insights from over 2250 researchers and 300 librarians, the sponsors of the survey hope that the results will be useful in informing the debate about the future development of academic libraries and the services they provide to researchers.”

Relatório encomendado pelo Research Information Network (RIN) e pelo Consortium of Research Libraries (CURL) sobre o comportamento informacional dos investigadores científicos e utilização e relevância das bibliotecas dos seus organismos, académicos ou empresariais para essas actividades.

There are some significant differences between researchers’ and librarians’ views as to the future role of libraries in supporting research, and there is a need for dialogue between them to ensure that library services and expertise are developed and deployed in the most effective way

There are significant differences between researchers and librarians in attitudes, perceptions and awareness of key issues. Many believe that communication channels need to be improved but achieving this is not easy. There is a danger that the role of libraries may be diluted as researchers, particularly younger ones, turn to the social networking space to share research-based information. This potential divergence of paths is not inevitable; but libraries need to proclaim their value so that researchers properly understand and acknowledge what the library is bringing to their working lives, and most particularly to their desktops.

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