As bibliotecas estão no negócio da “CONVERSA”

By | 27 de Março de 2007

Quanto mais leio mais gosto:

Knowledge is created through conversation.
Conversations can take place between friends and colleagues in the “here and now.”
But, they can also take place over centuries, with the participants changing but the theme remaining the
same, and the conversation being recorded in thousands of artifacts, like books, pictures, and digital files.
In many conversations users need sophisticated processes to facilitate the conversation.
Facilitation not only enriches conversations with diverse and deep information, it also serves as a memory keeper, documenting agreements and outcomes to facilitate future conversations.
The library serves this vital role for many communities.
The implication of this rather abstract concept is that libraries are in the conversation business

As 10 primeiras linhas de: Participatory Networks: The Library as Conversation por R. David Lankes, Joanne Silverstein, Scott Nicholson do Information Institute of Syracuse da Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies por encomenda do Office for Information Technology Policy da American Library Association

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