Google Librarian Central

By | 17 de Janeiro de 2007

O Google acaba de abrir um canal especial de comunicação com o mundo dos profissionais de informação-documentação, a Google Librarian Central , um blog.

I’m pleased to say that today, we’re implementing one of your biggest requests. When we asked how we could improve the Google Librarian Newsletter, many of you said, “Make it a blog!” or “Send more up-to-date information.” We’ve taken your feedback to heart, and we’re doing just that. Starting today, the Librarian Center will make its home at, where you’ll find the latest Google news, updates, and tips relevant to the librarian community. The blog includes links to the Newsletter Archive, the Your Stories page, and the Tools and Videos sections. And of course, we’ll continue to add to these pages and develop new features.

Pessoalmenet acho muita graça aos links à esquerda: numa das secções o google mistura dois serviços seus numa lista de blogs de inegável qualidade e interesse… muito mais qualidade e interesse que os serviços ali misturados.