IL2006: Social Computing & the Info Pro

By | 26 de Outubro de 2006

Elizabeth Lane Lawley, Director, Rochester Institute of Technology, Lab for Social Computing, & Visiting Researcher, Microsoft Corp., aka Glataea, level 60 Troll Priestess

A apresentação era para ser “Social Computing & the Info Pro”, mas é mais interessante “All the world’s a game… and all men and  women merely players”

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Reverse scavenger hunt @ oof (ver flickr)

(Villager or Werewolf) and Seer?

So what is a game?

Ver a tese de doutoramento  “this might be a game” Jane McGonigal; Faz Jogos para gente grande: Cruel to be Kind game – ALL IN, tombstone Hold’em Poker, tem site em e tem esta recomendação