As conferências de biblitecários já não são o que eram

By | 7 de Junho de 2006

Que dizer duma conferência que a certo ponto do programa contem uma “Open Source Software Installfest” de 8 horas. E não é instalar umas coisas leves, tipo msn, ou firefox. É:

  • Koha, an ILS;
  • OpenILL, an interlibrary loan system;
  • Jybe, virtual reference;
  • GreenStone, digital collection and institutional respository development;
  • and WordPress, a blogging tool.

Mas não é por isso que quero ir. É porque das 10:30 em diante ( sem hora para terminar ) Stephen Abram vai discorrer sobre “Web 2.0 and the Library 2.0 in Our Future” nos seguintes termos:

There is a global conversation going on right now about the next generation of the web. It’s happening under the name of Web 2.0. It’s the McLuhanesque hot web, where true human interaction takes precedence over merely “cool” information delivery and e-mail. It’s about putting information into the real context of our users’ lives, work, and play. Concurrently, a group of information professionals are having a conversation about the vision for what Library 2.0 will look like in this Web 2.0 ecosystem. Some are even going so far as to talk about Web 3.0! Web 2.0 is coming fast and it’s BIG! What are the skills and competencies that Librarian 2.0 will need? MySpace and Facebook are just the tip of the iceberg! Come and hear an overview of Web 2.0 and a draft vision for Library 2.0, and an opinion about what adaptations we’ll need to make to thrive in this future scenario.

Noto que o faz, nesta altura, já como presidente em exercício da SLA!

Tamém nesta conferência acho interessanet as semelhanças entre as Poster Sessions e os Posters apresentados na última conferência da minha escola:

  • * Adapting and implementing Open Source Tutorials
  • * Organizing Web Chaos: How an Open Source Content Management System Help One Library Regain Control of Its Website
  • * Light in the Blackboard Jungle: Maintaining Your Library’s Presence Within an E-learning Software Platform
  • * Instructional Media and Library Online Tutorials
  • * Information on the Go: A journey of Incorporating Portable Media Players into Library Technology
  • * Integrating Library Services: An application proposal to enable federation of information & user services
  • * Integrating Serials Solutions and EZProxy
  • * Relevant Resources for Student Research: An XML Approach
  • * Collaborating on the Roll Out of a Web Content Management System at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center
  • * Scanning the Past: Central Florida Memory
  • * Using Web Services to Advertise New Library Holdings: RSS Library Feeds in the Campus CMS
  • * University Libraries and University Presses: Websites in Cooperation or Competition?
  • * Showcasing the information Architecture of the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s New Virtual Library with Portals
  • * Web Services Librarianship 2000 to 2005: Analysis of Position Announcements

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