SCAN THIS BOOK: 32 Million books only

By | 20 de Maio de 2006

The Portuguese National Library has 800.000 unique titles in catalog, and we’re one of the least prolific literary producers in the world.

Right next door the national library of Spain states they have nearly 5.000.000 books. The British Library claims over 9.000.000. I’m a half of 32.000.000 books and I’ve not started to count france (13 million printed documents but I can’t find how may are magazines and how many are books), germany (22,201,549 physical items), brasil, china, india, australia, japan, etc. I can accept some percentage of all diferent titles in diferent languages in diferent countries in the whole world are translations of each other but, even then, I can’t find numbers of national bibliographies where I can come out with 32 million unique books in the whole world! What were the sources to arrive at this number?

PS: I choose not to believe KEVIN KELLY took the USA’s OCLC catalog for a catalog of all the libraries in the world, did he?

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