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Governantes e Blogues

By | 8 de Julho de 2007

Obrigado à Monica por chamar a atenção para o “The Blogging Revolution: Government in the Age of Web 2.0“. AInda no outro dia tinha falado algures que era preciso muita coragem para um governante abrir um “caderno de reclamações”… será precisa coragem ou maturidade?

Cauda Longa e Bibliotecas

By | 8 de Julho de 2007

Artigo interessante em “Libraries, the Long Tail and the Future of Legacy Print Collections“,  Paul Genoni (Curtin University of Technology), Library and Information Science Research Electronic Journal, Volume 17, Issue 1, March 2007

Normas para uso de Obras Orfãs

By | 8 de Julho de 2007

Acordo IFLA/IPA   The statement sets out five principles to be followed by users of orphaned works: A reasonably diligent search should be undertaken to find the copyright owner. The user of an orphan work must provide a clear and adequate attribution to the copyright owner. If the copyright owner reappears, the owner should be reasonably remunerated or… Read More »

Bibliografia sobre Bibliotecas Digitais

By | 8 de Julho de 2007

Os esquecidos: Berkeley Gets Grant for Digital Library. Wilson Library Bulletin. 69.6 (1995): 11. Berlin, Charles. “Digital Imaging at the Harvard Library.” Harvard Library Bulletin. 5.4 (1994): 3. Crowley, Mary Jo. “Optical Digital Disk Storage: An Application for News Libraries.” Special Libraries. 79.1 (1988): 34. DECOMATE: a new digital library project on delivery of copyright materials in electronic… Read More »

Seis homens cegos, um elefante, o google e BDEIE

By | 8 de Julho de 2007

The Peloponnesian War and the Future of Reference, Cataloging, and Scholarship in Research Libraries The paper is an examination of the overall principles and practices of both reference service and cataloging operations in the promotion of scholarly research, pointing out important differences not just in content available onsite and offsite, but also among necessary search techniques. It specifies… Read More »

Coisas que se leêm por aí

By | 7 de Julho de 2007

An increasingly complex technological, social, legal, and economic environment defines many boundaries within which “digital library” services will evolve. Librarians may discover that “libraries-without-walls” are actually only libraries with new walls-technologically bounded, legally restricted, and administratively hamstrung. The “digital library” may be equally impenetrable and as profoundly limiting to their patrons as the physical library which techno-pundits would… Read More »