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ALT-C 2006: The next generation

Publicado por Julio Anjos em 2006, 20 de Julho

A Association for Learning Technology vai realizar este ano a sua 13ª conferência internacional

Apesar de muitos dos meus professores não entenderem a minha enfatuação por blogs no ensino superior (por blogs em todo o lado, aliás) o programa apresenta 10 sessões e posters com o termo “blog”.

  • Exploring blogs as a collaborative tool for advancing professional development from conferences.
  • Blogging @ Bournemouth University
  • Digital autobiographies: blogging across years to enhance university learning
  • Blogs, wikis and VOIP in the virtual learning space: the changing landscape of communication in online learning
  • But it’s not a ‘proper’ blog is it? Tangled weblogs as spaces for transformational stories of learning and teaching.
  • Students’ perception of using blog as a tool for reflection and communication
  • Weblogs: Supporting the creation of learning networks in the technology classroom
  • Weblogs as a Support Tool for International Mobility Students
  • Blogs: Collaborative Learning for the Next Generation
  • Educational blogging: versatility, practicality and addressing the e-safety agenda

Seja como fôr para o ano o moodle da ESEIG arranca em força… espero que estejam a fazer cursos de Verão aos professores.

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As coisas que se lêem sobre bibliotecas: Most do not like children.

Publicado por Julio Anjos em 2006, 1 de Julho

[...] National libraries are in fact rather like dogs: dogs also exhibit an enormous variety, but we somehow recognize them all as dogs. If you wish to take the analogy further, national libraries range from mastiffs to chihuahuas, from sleek thoroughbreds to starving mongrels it is safe to say that there are no greyhounds or pit bull terriers among them. Some are very old dogs, some mere puppies. Some are moderately friendly, some have to be approached with care. Most do not like children.

LINE, Maurice Changing Perspectives on National Libraries : a personal view. Alexandria. ISSN 0955-7490. Vol. 13, n 1 (2001), p. 44
Citado em http://sapp.telepac.pt/apbad/congresso8/com24.pdf

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WLIC06: Actividades Culturais

Publicado por Julio Anjos em 2006, 29 de Junho

A tradicional Cultral Evening será no Sejong Center, sem comida (na tradição da Argentina , não de Oslo) mas com:

The repertoire will include a variety of traditional and modern music and dance of Korea. An outstanding programme has been designed for delegates and will provide a magical dream and an unforgettable fantasy of the Korean art.

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Publicado por Julio Anjos em 2006, 29 de Junho

O comité IFLA da “Liberdade de Expressão e Liberdade de Acesso à Informação” organiza a sessão plenária do dia 21 de Agosto, das 12:45 às 13:45, focando a polémica dos “cartoons do profeta’.

Do convite:

Maybe there are others who find it difficult to see the value of free expression if what is said causes unease and distress. If so, it is a very good thing to be forced to think about questions such as ‘Is freedom of expression an absolute right of all human beings, or are there topics and circumstances where it does not apply?’

Mais adiante afirma:

Faife’s values suggest that it is always a good thing to have debate, even on the most difficult issues, so you are invited to come and express your views in an open and considered way…

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ALA – Algumas notas

Publicado por Julio Anjos em 2006, 23 de Junho

Não pude ir este ano (em cima de exames ) mas a blogosfera permite manter-me a par dos acontecimentos:

Eric Lease Morgan’s Top Tech Trends for ALA 2006; “Sum” pontificationshttp://litablog.org/2006/06/18/eric-lease-morgans-top-tech-trends-for-ala-2006-sum-pontifications/ é um posto que apareceu no blog da LITA a que tenho de dar mais atenção assim que passe a época.

Os tópicos são:

  • The increasing availability of Voice of over IP (VoIP) is making it easier to communicate with people all over the world in real time.
  • Web pages in the form of blogs and wikis are becoming the norm as opposed to the exception.
  • Social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook are forms of communication, identify formulation, and benign exhibitionism.
  • The ideas forming the core of open source software are slowly leaking into other domains including science and government.
  • Meta-search is not living up to expectations, and I assert this is because it is based on poor technological assumptions.
  • Mass digitization will change aspects of librarianship.
  • Licensed content and digital resource management (DRM) schemes are not going away, but neither is open access.
  • There is a growing discontent with the library catalogs.
  • The cataloging process is moving from complete and full to good enough because full-text indexing and automatic classification is less expensive.
  • OCLC is continuing to expand and redefine itself.

Muitos deles merecem um post individual. Enquanto não o faço , vão lá ver!

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Para que servem os bibliotecários?

Publicado por Julio Anjos em 2006, 17 de Junho

How often do you hear of librarians who never venture out of the library to meet with users? How many librarians cling to cataloguing and classification but pay little attention to any in-depth indexing, content analysis or abstracting services? How much so called reference work is glorified signposting? Those librarians who undertake the major tasks well are invaluable. Those who hide behind the professional guise but in fact cling to process and procedures do not add value to any library or indeed the profession

As a profession we think of information and reference services as core to our work. [...] I often ask myself, why was it not librarians who set up Ask Jeeves as a company? We all know its limitations, sometimes we scoff at its simplicity. But we did nothing. Where is the get up and go?

Brindley, L. (2001). What use are Librarians in Relay, Journal of the University College and Research Group of the LA. Disponível em http://www.ucrg.org.uk/publications/relay51.pdf

Na altura directora da British Library

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Publicado por Julio Anjos em 2006, 17 de Junho

[...]broad overview of those imperatives which should inform any consideration of Library and Information Studies (LIS) education. When we design, deliver or even just talk about curriculum, what we mean is a complex integration of the fostering of knowledge, understanding and skills; teaching and learning styles and delivery mechanisms. In addition, at any one time, a curriculum does not stand apart from the society in which it is embedded.[...]

DOI: 10.1400/31410em http://digital.casalini.it/

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