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This story was adapted into the Lupin III (Green Jacket)

Publicado por admin em 2013, 11 de Maio

Well hmm interesting not trying to sound smart but the company is going to a lean six sigma format dont be surprised if they go to a cvs or walmartish model. Team members will be the ones coming up with plans and solutions. Will not work because employees are not paid enough to be using their brains. And majority of them aren’t that bright either. Our store has been on frontier for almost 3 months now, and there are absolutely no changes besides the hold back on basic tasks and all the extra work. And it is A LOT of extra work. Managers were told that they can not do ANY work on floor, help unload trucks etc. MANAGERS WILL BE FIRED!! IF CAUGHT WORKING ON FLOOR, UNLOADING TRUCK, ETC. New job is to work on mentoring, pushing company projects, talking up medicare programs with cashiers etc. Anyone heard of this in their districts??

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