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If she doesn’t like the song choice or the outfit

Publicado por admin em 2013, 3 de Março

It’s all about him having made bad choices in his life and living a shitty life until he found Christ. Death Is Cheap: Discussed. Joe claims to be brave on the basis that he will go to heaven when he dies, so that death doesn’t really cost him anything. Provides examples of: Anti Hero: Augustus is of questionable heroic standing. Backported Development: Heavy on flashbacks, and character defining moments often happen in the past. Byronic Hero: Augustus Fantastic Racism: There is tension between the pointed ear humans of the Barrucian continent and the rounded eared humans of the Aramorian continent. Cool Car/Plane/Boat: Supercar. Cross Dressing Voices: Jimmy is voiced by Gerry Anderson’s wife Sylvia (billed as Sylvia Thamm). Curious as a Monkey: Jimmy’s pet monkey, Mitch.

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