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Coisas que se leêm por aí

Publicado por Julio Anjos em 2007, 7 de Julho

An increasingly complex technological, social, legal, and economic environment defines many boundaries within which “digital library” services will evolve.
Librarians may discover that “libraries-without-walls” are actually only libraries with new walls-technologically bounded, legally restricted, and administratively hamstrung. The “digital library” may be equally impenetrable and as profoundly limiting to their patrons as the physical library which techno-pundits would suggest digital collections are intended to replace

Kuny, Terry, and Gary Cleveland. “The Digital Library: Myths and Challenges.” IFLA Journal. 24.2 (1998): 107-113.

Quem escreveu isto devia ir para o negócio da leitura de sinas

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