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Onde cabe o bibliotecário na biblioteca digital?

Publicado por Julio Anjos em 2007, 1 de Julho

Borgman, C.L. (2001). Where is the librarian in the digital library? Communications of the ACM, 44(5), 66-67. Special issue on digital libraries.

Procurem e leiam… é muito interessante pois pergunta logo no 1º parágrafo:

  • Can we or should we do without the librarian in digital libraries?

E mais à frente:

When users retrieve tens of thousands of matches from digital libraries, many realize that searching and filtering information can be a complex task worth delegating to a professional. Selecting the matches that are most relevant, most current, and of highest quality requires considerable expertise, despite continuing improvements in the search refinement capabilities of digital libraries.

O que não deixa de ser uma vingança do chinês….

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