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IFLA/UNESCO Internet Manifesto Guidelines

Publicado por Julio Anjos em 2006, 3 de Dezembro

Quanto mais leio, mais  gosto:

Whilst respecting existing intellectual property rights, librarians should encourage open access approaches to the provision of local content, on the basis of creative commons principles

Librarians should seek to develop programmes for the digitisation of the library’s own resources of unique or rare content

Libraries should seek to make their catalogues available online and facilitate access to local content through new or existing library-managed portals and web pages

Information resources created with public funding should be in the public domain and remain so

In the interests of keeping the Internet as a neutral mechanism for the delivery of information and services, librarians should resist any efforts to introduce a tiered pricing model or otherwise diminish the neutral nature of the network

Toda a secção 8 sobre formação de utilizadores.

In: http://www.ifla.org/faife/policy/iflastat/Internet-ManifestoGuidelines.pdf, sublinhados meus.

PS: Um documento IFLA/UNESCO que, no Glossário, esclarece “blog” e “Wiki” merece a minha individida atenção.

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